Below are short summary's and overviews of the different series and installs that Matthew DeYoung has displayed. Most projects you read about are ongoing projects that continue to have pieces added to them. If you are interested in seeing more from a series or would like to purchase prints please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Our Light

Have you ever wondered how many people see you a day? Take a minute tomorrow and look around at one point in your day and see how many people are around you. The Our Light Series is a series that is installed in a location that contains thousands of different people's portraits (printed in small black and white format.) When you walk through the Exhibit of these portraits that are hanging from the ceiling you get the over whelming feeling of people looking at you. The verse Matthew 5:16 is displayed on the wall in this dimly lit, calm space (In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven). How you are living your life each day? How do people see you? Are you truly letting the light that God has given you shine to its greatest ability?

The Exploration Of Light

This is a series of photographs that are taken at night using long exposures. Most of the photographs in this set take between thirty seconds and five minutes each. The majority of the photographs are taken in the middle of nowhere using only moonlight to lighten up the image. “Even in the darkest night, His light will always shine.” A simple saying that is the backbone of this series. No matter how dark a situation or time in your life is His light will always guide you in the right direction.

Left Behind

The amazing thought that what was once so important and needed is now simply left behind and unwanted. A thought that crosses my mind all the time - things of this world will pass away but His Love, His word, and anyone that calls upon His name will live forever in His Kingdom. “The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” -1st John 2:17. Every day I try to ask myself, "What is more important to you, something pointless in this world, something materialistic or people?" I try to make the hearts and souls of people a priority in my life. That could simply mean smiling to someone at the store, listening to someone who just needs a friendly ear or helping those who are in need.

Through The Lens

A series of photographs looking through the lens of an old film Rolleiflex Camera.


I love the thought that you can’t see the final product until you have left the shoot and are editing. Yes, it's very nerve racking, hoping that you shot it correctly. Each one of these pictures involves taking three pictures combined to make the highlights, low-lights, and middle tones come out all at the same time. I love it, because when you look at the three separately they are ugly, they are too dark and too light, but once they're combined it looks outstanding. This process reminds me of how God works in our lives. Sometimes when you look at a situation that might not be too great at the time you could be wondering, "Where is He? Why is He letting this happen? or How long will it last?" But when we stop and think about it, these are all just steps in His plan for us. We may need three steps to get past a situation in life, but He already knows that sometimes we just have to sit back and trust that He wants the best for us.


A short series about what America means to Matthew. For the first time in his career he has brought an old film photo that his father, Bob DeYoung, shot and has incorporated it into this series.

This set of photographs was on display at Elevate Coffee Shop in Phoenix Arizona in the summer of 2013.

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